Accommodation - every human being needs to be supplied with fresh air at his/her place so as to ensure recovery of physical and mental energies. When seeking a comfortable environment in terms of air conditioning or heat pumps, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to use our long-term experiences to your benefit by desinging solutions that will for sure satisfy your needs.

Administrative and commercial facilities – Ensuring air conditioning and well ventilated internal areas are prerequisites of comfotable places of work. To every investor, quality and price of the supplied services that creat such environment are of primary concern. Based on our years of in experiences, let us find you a solution that will meet your need asnd requirements.

Industrial facilities – A suitable solution of air conditioning and ventilation do not only affect the operation of engines,quality of production, or cutting costs of manufacturing but mostly requirements established for labour health and safety standards. We look forward to present you air conditioning that fits into your facilities made both advantageous and efficient.

Our customers and suppliers are offered comprehensive solutions of air conditioning and ventilation equipment delivered on the bases of customer beneficient projects developed inm oujr design bureau. Deliveries have been made for flats, administration buildings, holiday resorts, banks, sport facilities, industrial halls, hospoitals, hotelas and ceremonial halls.

Technology of manufacturing is mostly from suppliers , to meet the highest requirements. The HVAC ducts and the majority of distribution elements are manufactured by us. It is our company that also provides regulation of the equipment and measuring all the necessary parameters, such as air-related performances, setting temperatures and their regulation, noise and air quality. The equipment supplied by our company are also provided guarantee and off-guarantee services.